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Revolution Advanced Balance Board


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When we started working on the design for this board we were like hey, you have got to be able to pull some awesome tricks on this thing or there really is no point. Its easy for experienced riders to get bored on something like this when all you can do is rock back and forth and maybe do a little something here and there. We wanted to change this from the beginning, and through a bunch of testing and going back to the drawing board, we were able to design something worth using.

Innovative features like a weighted roll system keep the roller underneath you when popping that big 3-shuv. The board also allows perfect release off the roller on any trick yet still grips to prevent slipping. The Core 32 allows for more tricks and more progression than any other balance board on the market, period. (yes, that is a double period) There really is no limit to what you can do.


The main point of this board is to give maximum freedom and full control of how the board moves with the rider. This is why there are no stops, no tracks or anything else that could limit the movement of the board on the roller. We think this is how it should be, and leaves the door open to any kind of trick you can imagine. Really.

If there is one thing that sets the Core 32 apart from the rest, it is this. We have created a weight system that allows the roller to move amazingly smooth while the board is touching it, yet stays in place while you are doing a trick above it (for much more consistent landings). This may not sound like much, but it is nothing short of game-changing. It opens up the possibility to so many more tricks. It doesn’t make the balancing part any easier (no cheating), but lets just say you are going to land a lot more stuff.

  • The Core 32 is the best way to improve the most important aspect to your board skill: Balance.
  • A favorite of intermediate and advanced level Skateboarders, Snowboarders, Wakeskaters and Skimboarders
  • This is the only balance board available designed specifically for big tricks: Shuvits, kickflips, 360 flips + more!
  • Innovative roll control feature keeps the roller underneath you as you perform a trick, making landing much more consistent.
  • Made in the USA – Rock solid maple board construction and high-impacted rated composite roller is built to last.